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Lynnea Smith @ FORD Models

Lynnea was in town visiting family from LA and we got together on her family's beautiful property. It was total cloud coverage all day leading up to the shoot and cleared completely up as I pulled into her driveway. Became one of the sunniest days I have shot on and the wind didn't get too crazy for once, so I am excited about what we captured. If you are a photographer and ever get the chance to work with Lynnea, I highly recommend you do so. She gives it 100 percent and knows exactly what she is doing in front of a camera.

If you are a model, aspiring model, or just want to do a shoot a little outside of the box, contact me to start talking about one. I love to collaborate with people on shoots that are unique and personal to them.

Shoutout to Kansas for having the best sun to take photographs in.

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